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For Survivors

Survivors come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, and educational and vocational backgrounds. Sexual violence has crept into the lives of women from the boardroom to the women who finds herself without a home. Our stories are often very different and I caution you not to compare your story to anyone else. It was all terrible and wrong no matter the details. Just in case you forgot or no one has ever told you, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Let's begin by placing the blame where it belongs, on the perpetrator, not on yourself.


What happened to you was not about sex, it was about power and control where the weapon of choice happened to be sex. Do not go another day blaming yourself. Remove the mask of shame and guilt and learn to live in what I call, your new normal. Invite God into the dark places of your life. Expose and uncover he hidden things, i.e. the muffled silent cries you don't want anyone to hear.

  • No more guilt and shame.

  • No more sweeping it under the rug. 

  • No more pretending everything is okay.

  • No more going along to get along denying yourself of the worth and value you deserve.\

The truth of the matter is YOU are good enough. YOU are worthy of love. YOU are wanted. 


Bishop T.D. Jakes reminds us in his book Woman Thou Art Loosed of this biblical truths:

Now God says, "I'm going to deliver you and heal you. Now I'm going to renew you and release you. I'm going to tell you who you really are. Now I'm ready to reveal to you why you had to go through what you did to become what you shall become." He says, "Now I'm going to tell you a secret, something between you and Me no one else knows. Your boyfriend didn't know, our first husband didn't know. I'll tell you something that your father, uncle, brother or whoever abused you had no knowledge of. Just realize you are the daughter of a king. Your Father is the King. (p. 80)

All you need to do is allow His power and anointing to touch the hurting places. He will take care of the secrets. He touches the places where you've been assassinated. He knows the woman you would have been, the woman you should have been, the woman you could have been. God is healing and restoring her in you as you call out to Him. (p. 81)

I speak to every broken place in you. In Ezekiel 37:3, the question is asked "can these bones live." Ezekiel says, "Lord, you alone know." I say to you live. I speak life to you. Health and prosperity. I speak strength for the work to be done. I challenge you to be a willing participant in your breakthrough, deliverance and healing. It can start today. 

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