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Little Girl Come Out

Every little girl dreams of growing up and getting married,

she’s so young that she couldn’t even imagine all of the burdens it carried.

Her mother always taught her to save herself til then, to keep herself pure and holy, to patiently await her promised mr. right,

she would be for his glory and ever pleasing in God’s sight.


But mother never thought something could happen to her little girl,

something so detrimental that it destroyed her whole little world.

It destroyed her hope, it destroyed her dream,

it destroyed her trust, and it destroyed her self-esteem.


It destroyed that blossoming little girl inside,

because someone had stolen her precious womanly pride.

Someone had taken advantage of the very innocence she knew,

this little girl is tormented, confused, wondering why she was the one it happened to.


What happened to this little girl has changed her life forever,

her soul has been wounded and her spirit has been severed.

The little girl within has been buried deep inside her heart,

shielded by the walls of distrust, never again to be revealed, or of this mean ‘ol world to be apart.


She never learned to love or allowed herself to know love,

it’s easier to accept that of her family and her Heavenly Father above.

She grew into a woman harboring a crippled inner child,

she became the one that so many liked to defile.


No one ever took the time to rescue the little girl inside,

to help the woman she’s become face the pain that she so desperately tries to hide.

It’s hard to be whole trying to ignore the emptiness within,

she has to face the broken little girl in order for her healing to begin.


Healing will take time, it doesn’t happen overnight,

it’s not going to be a simple three step process and then you’re alright.

It takes days, month, and for most it takes years,

to heal a wound so deep and finally release the years of built up tears.


Little girl come out no one will hurt you anymore,

someone wants to help you face all the pain that you’ve bore.

Understand it’s okay if all you do is cry, sob, scream, or shout,

but that is when the healing begins and you’ll be glad you came out.


Adrienne Sharee McGowan (2006)

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